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We would like to make you aware that non-personal data can be analysed, among others for purposes pertaining to security, marketing and system monitoring.
If you convey personal data to Double Q GmbH for the intended purposes of a given contract, for example so that questions can be answered, to process correspondence or to enable an order to be carried out, this data shall be utilised exclusively in the strictest compliance with statutory regulations.
Please note that Double Q GmbH is responsible solely for safeguarding data protection within the course of using this website. This data protection declaration does not apply to websites from other service providers, even when reference is being made to them via a link.

Information regarding content

We explicitly point out that the information contained on the pages of this website serves exclusively towards informational purposes. The information is non-binding and does not represent any proposal whatsoever towards concluding a contract.
Double Q GmbH assumes no guarantee whatsoever for the content of other websites, independent thereof whether said other websites refer to websites from Double Q GmbH or reference is made to said other websites from websites belonging to Double Q GmbH.
The downloading, storing or printout of individual websites and/or partial segments thereof, as well as the content of the websites, is permitted solely for private usage.
Alteration/modification of the websites and/or partial segments thereof is permitted solely for private usage and solely within the framework of forums explicitly envisaged for this purpose.
The adoption, alteration/modification and utilisation of the content on said websites for other purposes that are not private always requires written consent on the part of Double Q GmbH. Any form of copyright notices or other legally protected designations are not allowed to be removed.

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